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How would you feel if your 16 year old daughter claimed to have social phobia?

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    Believe her. This is coming from a 15 year old who has social anxiety. It is physically and mentally exhausting to be in certain social situations. Don’t push her too hard to do things she doesn’t want to. If she wants to do something but is too scared to try, gently convince her to do the activity and let her decide on her own. There’s nothing worse than being pushed into a stressful situation and being forced to deal with the aftermath. From experience it can push a person into a bad slump from anywhere from a day to a month after because it was mentally exhausting. If she wants, suggest a therapist but don’t press the topic on her.

  • Edna
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    6 months ago

    How would I feel? I wouldn't feel any way about it. Almost everyone has social phobia, to one degree or the other.

  • 6 months ago

    I know it is difficult to raise teens... I raised 4 adult daughters who all have degrees in higher education. Their husbands treat them like gold (side note: on each one's wedding day, I took the groom aside and told them to "take really good care of her"... I've never seen or heard any arguments.

    I give a lot of credit to the "Parenting with Love and Logic" success programs.

    It will serve you well with your 16 yr old and even grand babies to come.

  • edward
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    6 months ago

    We have to fix that

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    A LOT of people have it. No big deal. I'd get her therapy if she wanted it, otherwise I'd let her deal with it her own way.

  • 6 months ago

    Delighted she was growing up normally

    I would help her decide on mini goals to

    Face her fears and step by step with rewards

    Leave the house.


    Very Best Wishes


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    So do I

  • 6 months ago

    I would support her. I wouldn't ever do anything that would make her feel uncomfortable- but if I saw something that she genuinely wanted to do, only to be stopped by fear, I would encourage her to do it (eg meet a friend). Be kind, be loving, and always be supportive- we aren't parents for our own sake, it's what we do for our child that matters. Good thoughts, good words, good deeds- remember it.

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    Well so do I soo

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