Looking for the title of an obscure old movie?

I think it was about a governess or nanny, and she writes in a diary throughout the film. She is hired to look after a boy whose grandmother had recently died - from what I recall the father thought the boy was too attached to her (I think its indicated the boy may have had some sort of learning difficulty or could have been autistic). I think there's a scene where he's in an attic talking to his grandmother's dress, or something like that. At the end of the film the father has become displeased with the governess/nanny for some reason, and as she is leaving the boy is banging on an upstairs window and the glass breaks and he falls out and dies in her arms.

Note: it's not The Innocents with Debrorah Kerr.

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Forrest Gump ?

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