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Why do gays and tranny's make me sick?

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  • 1 year ago

    0ossibky b3cause you are a bigot.

  • Shadow
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    1 year ago

    Because you’re ignorant and intolerant of them. I am a straight male and I am not against gays and transvestite. They are just people that you have a problem with which is your loss

  • 1 year ago

    You've been sensitised to believe they are sickening by someone, and most likely, your parents, or peers at school at some point. It's extreme to be sickened. You don't have to BE a trans-sexual, or gay, or to like the thought of others engaging sexually in that

    way, you have only to accept that people may engage in any sexual act they find preferable with another human being. If you can't moderate your behaviour, which others might find equally or more sickening, then it's perhaps time to seek professional help to do so. Because 'trans' behaviour of any kind, and being gay, is increasingly being seen as normal, and, sooner or later it is people like yourself who will be seen to be the freaks in society.

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