How does the visa system work for international management consulting and business strategy consulting firms?

If a German who wants to work for The Boston Consulting Group or Bain & Co can’t get a job in one of their offices either in a major German city or another major city in another EU country, can they work at global head office in Boston, or are those jobs reserved for US Citizens and Permaneht Resident Aliens only?

In addition, with transfers, do they often transfer Senior Consultants around the world to work in an office outside of their home regional operating market, and can they stay there permanently if they wish, or are they always temporary stays?

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    Intracompany transfer visas would be the appropriate temporary employment visa. To qualify, the company's employee must have worked for that company for some stipulated minimum period of time (varies by country), and must be a senior executive or highly trained technical specialist with unique & proprietary company information of their employer which cannot be obtained in the country of the company's other office.

    Your Euro HR knowledge, experience would never be required in US office. If, say, a US client is opening a branch in Berlin, they want their HR consultant - or employment/staffing agency - to be a German in Berlin who knows good people in Berlin.

    Consultants on a short-term assignment have some specialized expertise in the company's country before they would be sent temporarily to visit their foreign client's offices - typically business visa since it's very short term.

    For major international consulting firms, international travel may be required, even extensive, for a certain echelon of expert. But they travel on business visas, a week in southern India, a couple days in Bangkok, a long layover in Vancouver airport, two days in NYC, and back to London or wherever their home base is. A great deal of their work is done remotely, especially for the actual consulting work. Business trips are maybe to visit the client or sign a contract, and they are OFF again, keeping airline seats filled.

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    Often whether a company can transfer in an international worker comes down to how politically connected it is. But most major employers can obtain work visas for the few highly pivotal employees they need. US work visas are always temporary but certain types of work visas can sometimes be leveraged into permanent residency.

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    The legal staff for the USA firm looks into visa options for the potential employee.

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