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My 14 year old daughter want to do boxing?

Last week my 14 year old daughter told me that she wants to box. At the moment she plays baseball and hockey, she used to do gymnastics and karate when she was younger.

I'm hesitant to let her box, it seems dangerous and I'm worried she could get hurt. Am I over thinking this? Should I let her do it?

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    Yes, let her do that for several reasons. It teaches her respect for other people.

    Kids in sports have a lower % for drug use and she can defend her self. Danger comes in many forms and boxing and/or martial arts gives her a really strong defense system. All 4 of my daughters were in sports. Take good care.

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    They make them wear a lot of protective gear these days.

    I'd let her. It's good to explore new things.

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    They wear protection, and she will get proper training and only box other girls, look into it, find a club and ask them all about it.

  • John P
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    6 months ago

    Recent items on British TV news show hoe empowered many girls feel when they are taught to box properly.

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  • Suzy Q
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    Daughter or son, I too would be very hesitant about letting my kids play a sport that is basically all about getting hit in the head.

    I'm all about getting my kids involved in sports, and think (certain) martial arts can have great benefits. Confidence, the ability to defend themselves, the self-control they need to develop to follow the rules /code of honour. Judo, karate, jiu-jitsu, absolutely. Boxing, no.

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