I have to get my wii remote extremely close to the sensor bar for it to move can anyone help?

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  • 1 year ago
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    My guess is that your sensor bar isn't pushing IR beams as far as they should (in spite of its naming, it's not sensing anything from the Wii Remote. Rather it's emitting IR that the remote picks up on and returns data to the console).

    Either that or your remote isn't handling the IR well enough.

    Whatever is cheaper to replace first, I'd do that, and if that doesn't help then replace the other.

    If that still doesn't help then you have some other form of IR interference in your room (excess sunlight, etc.) that could be causing a disruption in the IR beam.

    • jimmy1 year agoReport

      my wii remote is awfully scratched at the bit where it sends the signal so that might be it

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