Is the success of 2019's Israeli hosted Eurovision a good indication that BDS is a failure?

BDS tried to make people abandon the event and urged artists like Madonna not to perform, but they were completely ignored by both the artists and the audience who just wanted to have an apolitical song and dance event.

Iceland at one point displayed Palestinian flags during the voting process, to which Eurovision said that they will face disciplinary actions for making a political message. Iceland didn't even come close to winning.

The world came and got to see Israel as a first world developed country that welcomed its guests and hosted a great show.

If this isn't a mega failure of BDS, then what is?

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  • Kevin7
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    1 year ago

    Yes it does show BDS is an extreme failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert
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    1 year ago

    Hello Skyline,

    The "Palestinian" Arab campaigning organisation that seeks a boycott of Israel: "Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions" (BDS), relies on deceiving people though Palestinian propaganda-falsehood against Israel.

    The Arab domination of the United Nations with its built-in pro-Palestinian block-vote of up to 56 Arab and additional Islamic-aligned countries, will not easily be undone. Yet, due to the modern changes to how factual-information can be obtained that have come with the Internet, people now have access to information they can check, which debunks the previously highly-successful Palestinian propaganda.

    Palestinian propaganda relies primarily on the Arab-dominated United Nations which falsely-validates the falsehood of Israeli "occupation", by denying Jewish roots in their ancestral homeland of Israel; the Jews have unbroken presence in their homeland since before the Arabs arrived.

    Here you can see an example of distortion for Palestinian propaganda purposes. Take a look also at the reactions of many deceived because they did not require verification of the distorted-accusations, both created by their author and also then described by him as: "dehumanization":

    Yet Palestinians also typically-seek to label as: “dehumanization” any actual verifiable-argument that they seem unable to answer and so, also refuse to answer. Other labels typically-used by Palestinians when facing verifiable-argument, are: “Propaganda”, “Hasbara”, “Subterfuge”.

    While a lot of paperwork has been concocted (in this case by the Arab-dominated United Nations) to make the “Palestinian-claim” appear genuine, here is the reality:

    The Jewish People are the indigenous people of their ancestral homeland of Israel (Roman-imposed rename “Palestine”). There never has been any “Palestine” sovereign state by which the “Palestinian” Arabs could base any claim to the land of Israel.

    Map of Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea including the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights, with its capital (of what is now EAST Jerusalem aka the “Old City”) of Jerusalem, and independent as at 110 BCE / 753 BH–752 BH:

    The “Palestinian” Arabs falsely-allege Israeli Jews all came from Europe; some Jews being returnee-exiles. Yet the Jewish People are indigenous to their ancestral homeland of Israel, with unbroken presence from Biblical times:

    Whereas the Jewish People have Judean heritage (“Jew”=citizen of “Judea”), by comparison the “Palestinians” obtained an artificial, unique, indeed fake inheritable refugee status from the Arab-dominated United Nations (see further below). This being a means to inflate the number of alleged-refugees as a (fraudulent) means of “invading” Israel. It is a refugee status allowed in no other refugee situation - see the best-answer at:

    UNRWA.Org webpage seeking to defend the Palestinian bogus inheritable refugee status, while falsely-comparing the separate: “Derivative” status:

    As the reader will appreciate since this dishonestly distorts for political-bias both the number of Palestinian alleged “refugees” and their claims of numbers “displaced”, such a dishonest-status based in political-bias, cannot be imposed on Israel.

    The Palestinian false-“right of return” is the use of the Palestinian unique, bogus, inheritable refugee status, to inflate their 500,000 unverified 1948 war refugees, into today’s alleged 5 million fake-refugees; a figure which in reality is simply a (fraudulent) means of “invading” Israel.

    Therefore the Palestinians find it convenient to mislead the world about their true status, by calling many of their towns: “refugee camps” in order to fraudulently tap your international aid money.

    The Palestinians obtained their false refugee status from the Arab-dominated United Nations:

    U.N. polices are fully-complicit with Palestinian propaganda denying Jewish roots in the land of Israel. The U.N. and its structures have for many years been dominated by a block-vote of up to 56 Arab and additional Islamic-aligned countries (e.g. U.N. member states that are also members of the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation”), plus the influence of Arab oil money; compared to Israel being just one country.

    Palestinian propaganda seeks without any evidence, to falsely-assert the “Palestinian” Arabs come from peoples pre-dating the Jewish People, yet appearing somewhat “confused” about their ancestry, as they fail to come-up with any one convincing story. Pro-Palestinians often falsely-claim without evidence that the Palestinians are the so-called “real-Jews”, while inconsistent with the latter false-claim the Palestinians claim to their own people, likewise without evidence, that they come from the Canaanites (see source next).

    The Palestinians falsely-claim they are descended from the Canaanites! The Canaanites do not exist today and the “Palestinian” Arabs have no connection with them (either) - See:

    “Op-ed in PA daily fabricates history, claiming Palestinians are descendants of the biblical Canaanites Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 27, 2017”:

    The “Palestinian” Arabs considering themselves Arab were even opposed to being called a “people” until the 1960’s, when they decided it fitted with their intention to steal the land of Israel from its indigenous Jews:

    The reader may also consider how there could be propaganda that the Palestinians have allegedly any sincere emotional-attachment to the Jewish ancestral homeland of Israel, when:

    The Palestinians attempted to take over Jordan by force in 1970 to 1971:


    The Palestinians attempted to take over Lebanon by force

    and were likely the cause of its civil war, in 1975 - See pages 36 to 37 (PDF pages 40 to 41) of “Development of Palestinian Militancy_Role in Lebanese Civil War by Christine E_Ganley” (copy saved to):

    By the way do take a look at the “Palestinian” flag and compare with the Jordanian flag. The two are identical save for a white star the “Palestinian” Arabs bothered to remove.

    Jewish roots in their ancestral homeland of Israel:

    Image: Coin from the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea; reign of its last King - King Mattathias Antigonus, c. [approx.] 40 BCE / 681 BH – 680 BH.

    It shows the Menorah (seven-branched candelabra) used within the Jewish Temple at the capital city of Jerusalem, and has ancient Hebrew letters.

    See (at last looking) the seventh image down, at:

    I hope this helps.


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  • TNO
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    1 year ago

    I'd say so.

    Now, anyone who actually looks at the numbers recognizes that BDS was a failure already. It's not something to write off, Jews of all people know what happens when you ignore a boycott or try to play it down; however, it really hasn't devastated Israel's economy in a significant and measurable way and I'm under the impression that not even half of the "victories" the collective movement claims even make them look competent. I have friends in Israel who look like they had fun and I've noticed more than a few posts of people saying this is their new friend x from country y, and that they're having fun. I know they definitely advertised the sh*t out of Tel Aviv and Israel in general, having seen an English-language ad featuring Gal Gadot a few hours ago.

    I wouldn't worry about Iceland, they seem like edgy f*ckbois who are edgy for the sake of being edgy. Even I know that Eurovision strives to be apolitical so they'll have their critics, and as you said they'll face some sort of punishment. One thing I do know about them is that they're stickler for rules, and have cited other nations for screwing around (and doing so against Israel too!). I wonder if those BDSM boys realize that the punishment isn't the kind they'd find fun...and now that I think about it, I wonder if they're too dumb to realize that BDS isn't BDSM. As you said, they didn't even come close to winning and I've been told that they really did that to leave an impression or gain a few more votes.

    But from what I can tell, the show was amazing and everyone loved it. I'm American and pretty sure that I only know of Eurovision's existence because of Israel's obsession with it, but with that connection I do pay some attention and it really seems like it was a Eurovision to remember.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    What is BDS?

    What does it mean?

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  • BMCR
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    1 year ago

    BDS is merely an expression of anti Israel sentiment.

    People who are anti Israel, especially the activist kind, are extremists.

    Most people, by definition, are not extremists.

    Thus, it is not surprising that most normal people would not go along with it.

  • 1 year ago

    You shouldn't even be proud of that

    Eurovision proved what we all knew that Israel is a country without culture

    Eurovision itself is a pathetic trashy competition a circus

    I really hope Israel will never get the Olympics

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