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What should I do when I graduate college?

If I don’t do grad school idk what to do with my political science bachelors

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    Take the Myers Briggs personality test. Get a job that fits your personality. For example I'm an INFJ there are jobs for INFJs. We're smart; average iq is 138 for my group.

    If you want to know what job fits you best take the test and see what job within that particular personality you like best. Political science is a good degree to have. You get a pretty paycheck. Also, take into consideration your IQ. If your IQ is 115 and above managing would be good for you. My IQ 152 fluid and 114 solid. So i could make a good manager (hr manager, for example). Solid is the one that really counts. So you could say mine only 114 or 152 if you want to. So do that. It's the best way to understand what you should do in life. Personally I want to be a personal trainer. I like it and have trained a dozen people already and got them into really good shape. 11 anyway. Do what you want really. "People will do what they want and that's what really makes the world go 'round." You could do

    Source(s): What you've always done. I've always worked out, even as a child I loved working out. If there's something you've always done, then go for that. If you're an encourager be a counselour. There are too many jobs out. Pick something rather than nothing.
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    Whataburger is hiring and they are paying $10 an hour if you take the graveyard shift.

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    Practice saying "When I graduate from college". It will make you seem better educated. Then, get an office job and, in your spare time, find a political club or candidate you're interested in and volunteer some time. I discovered that knowledgeable people willing to work can rise quickly because there are so few of them.

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    You should have thought of that before now.

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    Good luck. Maybe you should have studied something that would have gotten you a good career.

  • Is your Dad a rich Republican donor?

    If not, you do what everyone else does, you get an office job where you routinely write reports and do research. That or you find a company which only promotes college grads and learn to do whatever it is they do.

    Political Science is useless degree, even more so than Women's Studies as those certificates at least get you jobs in human resources.

    So like the other humanities degrees, you allegedly were learning how to learn.

    Did you do that?

    If not, you can always substitute teach in crappy school districts or private schools.

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    You could always join Fat Donnie's herd of screaming mentally retarded hyenas.

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