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Can an Airgun break or backfire?

I have this break barrel air pistol that I recently got from a friend.

It looks and feels ok, but its from a not-so-well-known company.

I just wanted to know can an airgun ever break or backfire due to poor design or badly made components? Can the air pressure inside cause any of the parts of the airgun to fly off and hit the shooter himself and cause injury?

How can I be sure that this airgun is safe to use? Anything I should look out for?

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    It's from a not so well known company?

    If you give the make and model, it would be helpful.

    Can an airgun ever break or backfire due to poor design or badly made components?

    It could certainly break. Spring piston airguns can diesel(fuel air detonation)

    if there is excess oil in the compression chamber.

    Can the air pressure inside cause any of the parts of the airgun to fly off, hit the shooter and cause injury?

    In a spring piston airgun, that is HIGHLY unlikely(as in I have never heard of such a thing). The only time you

    have HPA in a springer(compression chamber), is at the instant you pull the trigger and that instant also has an instant release(the compression port).

    How to safely handle an airgun?

    1 - Follow the four basic firearms safety rules

    2 - Be careful when cocking the barrel and loading pellets(hold onto the barrel throughout the entire process)

    3 - If it ever becomes necessary to replace the mainspring, either have an experienced airgunsmith do the job

    or you'll need to make and use a mainspring compression tool.

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    Of course.

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    If it is mechanical it can break or backfire.

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    It is a mechanical device, those can fail for just about any reason.

    The sort of failures you propose are not very likely, air guns are not considered toys.

    Catastrophes happen when people try to use them outside their intended purpose.

    One air rifle I bought second hand I had never heard of, a couple seals leaked but seemed in good order, turned out to be well worth having the gun serviced. had it for years after that.

    If you question yours, have it looked over by a gun smith.

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    Like any other gun, it can. And you can't be sure that it's safe to use. Even professionals (over here, _every_ gun sold legally has to be life fire tested and receive a stamp) have guns blow up on them (which is why they're usually using a remote trigger if they have even the slightest doubt). Face it - it's a gun, and its foremost design goal is to injure or kill, which is one reason why it's necessary to train in order to be able to use it relatively safe.

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