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Can a pilot find out that someone is tracking their plane on flight radar?

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    Yes, military planes have radar detectors. One of the earliest was using a civilian FUZZ BUSTER and switching the frequency it picks up. However all that kind of thing tells you is you got "painted" by a radar beam, it does not tell you if a missile is coming in on you or not.

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    You simply look at the RPLY annunciator on your transponder.

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    Not unless Flightradar24 (presumably)

    a) checks tracking history vs individual users

    b) saves such info and

    c) is willing or able to let anyone who asks have access to it, which with data protection laws probably don’t allow.

    So the likelihood, if not definitelihood, is no.

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    All plane are tracked by radar at some time.

    If they are using an ADS transponder then apps such as FlighRadar can track them. These apps are available worldwide to intranetty users. I can sit in England and track planes landing at Memphis, Chicago or anywhere else I chose

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  • 1 year ago

    All planes in the air are tracked by radar.

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    A military pilot can. Fighters and bombers have 'threat detection' systems that can tell the pilot when a radar-guided weapon is trained on him, so he can take evasive action. But civillian passenger/cargo planes, no.

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