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How do you all feel The WWE has treated Sasha Banks over the years?

However they have treated Sasha, she has had enough of it. From what I've heard, they have given her fictional boss character, very weak scripts for the show. This has been going on, for the past couple of years now. Vince has also been given her very short title reigns. She and Bayley finally had enough, after they were told they would dropping the tag titles.They both through a temper tantrum outside of their hotel rooms. Sasha then decided to ask to be released from the company. Very sad situation for everybody involved.

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    WWE sucks at building or continuing building new talent with potential, especially over the past 10-20 years. It seems like they are finally paying the price now and seeing their error.

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    She deserves better

  • Doesn't really matter.

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    I don't care, nor do I know who she is. I haven't followed pro wrestling from any circuit since the '90s.

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    It's a job and they make a lot of money.

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    I’m over it

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    😂 She was handed 5 women's championships yet still doesn't understand how to work a body part before locking in The Bank Statement, Sasha Banks alongside Bayley became the inaugural WWE Women's Tag-Team champions over The Riot Squad. In short she bought into her own undeserved hype and anyone who says otherwise is blind. Her work with Charlotte Flair was some of the worst women's wrestling I've seen since Impact! Wrestling.

    Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks are three of the most overbooked women's wrestlers in pro wrestling right now.

    It's exactly as Triple H stated years ago, modern professional wrestlers always want to be in the spotlight and when they aren't they can't handle it. Sasha Banks has had a professional wrestlers dream career when compared to the likes of Damien Sandow and Hunico (Sin Cara), who both are far better pro wrestlers then Sasha Banks could ever dream of being.

    I was a minor fan of Banks, however this just makes her look like an ungrateful btch.

  • It’s stupid wwe creative fault they can’t build new generation superstars.

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    I'm a mixed bag on this one to be honest. Could she have been booked better? Maybe, but I do think like all talents she has her limits. In order to work within the WWE system you have to be flexible to how they use you. I don't think she has a skill set that allows that flexibility. I believe that's why her and Bayley both fell into the slump they were in where creative has nothing for them. They're both good wrestlers, they're both likable enough, but there's no room for growth. Bayley is what she was when she left NXT and that's because portraying the naive fan girl is the extent of her capabilities on the microphone. WWE doesn't want her to be that anymore, and they keep throwing her and Sasha in situations where they have a chance to stretch and flex their character muscles and they do not deliver. You can blame it on bad writing all you want, but the most talked about thing in WWE right now is a Bray Wyatt puppet show that plays off of obscure internet lore like Candle Cove and Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared. It's gotten so over that they're playing it on both brands. Put any other talent besides Bray in that position and the angle would fail. Now to go from a possessed swamp cult leader to edge lord Mr. Rogers is a stretch and a half, but Bray has made it work. They haven't even gone that far into left field with Bayley and Sasha. They've tried to make them both heel characters and it didn't work. They tried to make Bayley come off as a lovable fighter against bossy buddy Banks and it didn't work. They even dove into the lesbian pollen for a week and it didn't work. You can call it inconsistent booking, but I see it as being nothing more than a desperate attempt to make them interesting outside of their cult NXT fan base who loves them on the premise of what they did in the past.

    As for her in-ring work? Sasha had some great matches, but she had way more matches where she overreached or under performed because she didn't like the inevitable outcome of the matches and what it meant for her career. That's not a pro mentality. It's not a pro mentality to risk life and limb or sacrifice the quality of a match to set up a spot. It's even less professional when the person you could be hurting with this one-off, never done before, will never do again spot is the other person in the ring.

    Does Sasha have potential? Yeah. I hate to say that about a 27 year old, but yeah, she does. She needs to leave and come back with more experience and a more humble and professional approach to the business though. If the rumors are true about her laying on the floor and whining about losing a title, then maybe there's a reason she lost them in the first place.

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    Good for her if she leaves. She’s one of the better wrestlers out there and it really is a joke that she has such short title reigns. She’s one of my favorite wrestlers.

    I think it is a slap in the face for her and bayley to have to drop the tag titles to the iiconics. The iiconics haven’t done squat and they get the tag titles at WrestleMania. The IIconics current storyline is extremely dull. I feel sorry for asuka and sane and Paige that they have to work with The IIconics.

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