How do you play dungeons and dragons?

How does it all work?

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  • 1 year ago

    The general idea of Dungeons and Dragons (and all other table-top role playing games, aka tRPG) is that it is a form of imagination with rules.

    While there are some exceptions most tRPG systems involve one person, called the Game Master, Dungeon Master, or some variant, laying out a scenario and the other people, generally refereed to as players, react to that scenario.

    If a situation comes up where there is some uncertainty on whether or not a player can succeed at a task, dice are used as a random element to determine if they succeed or not. A player does not need to roll dice to determine whether or not his character can walk down a normal street. On the other hand, dice will probably be needed to determine if the character can walk down a tightrope, strung out between two flying planes, while under fire.

    tRPGs come in a bewildering array of systems and genres. If you've watched a show on TV or a movie, there is at least one system designed to replicate the genre, and usually a dozen or so generic systems that can be adapted.

    I recommend watching some Youtube videos, as there are many that discuss, explain, and play tRPGs like D&D and others.

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    1 year ago

    You need dice and a dungeon master. That's about all I know. It also leads you to Satan but that was back in the Eighties. I doubt that's still true.

  • Lôn
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    1 year ago

    No, I'm an mind and body.

  • 1 year ago

    With a game master/dungeon master (GM or DM) who knows the rules and guides a party of players through the adventure.

    There are multiple other games in this genre, all with slight differences in the specific rules, e.g. which dice are used for which case (what is the numeric range of various random variables).

    The general principe of a RPG applies (i.e., D&D is the grandfather of most RPGs) - you need to create a character of a given race (human, elf, darf, ...) and class (thief, bard, warrior, cleric, wizard,...) who is then equipped with certain strenghts and weaknesses, determined (at the start) through rolling dice. Then you set up a party (usually multiple players, each one playing one character) and, together, move through an adventure. Which can be from a book or, in the case of a more experienced DM, written/created by the DM.

    Usually, the setting is a medieval/fantasy environment - but as the DM is in fact the god of your little universe, anything is possible.

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