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Did the Jutes leave a DNA mark in English people?

As the Jutes colonized Kent and the isle of wight (my homeland), could people from those regions find Jutish DNA?

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    In a widely cited article, through DNA testing, Weale et al. (2002) argued that the Y DNA data showed signs of a mass Anglo-Saxon immigration from the European continent, affecting up to 100% of the male genepool in Central England. The signatures of Germanic influx to England is now widely accepted and has been shown in other studies, such as Capelli et al. 2003. The Capelli study, with higher sample numbers, gave much lower frequencies of "Germanic" genetic markers in England than did Weale. They describe such markers as typically ranging between 20% and 40%, with York forming an outlier at 60%. Most of Scotland showed a very similar genetic composition to England. North German/Danish genetic frequencies were indistinguishable, thus precluding any ability to distinguish between the genetic influence of the Anglo-Saxon source populations and the later, and better documented, influx of Danish Vikings.

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    The Jutes were a Germanic tribe not a distinct ethnic group so there is no distinctive DNA that can be identified as Jute as opposed to Anglo-Saxon. DNA profiling might show an individual had Germanic ancestry but whether it was from Angles, Saxons, Jutes or some other tribal group can't be determined.

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