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Why does the antisemitic democrat party allow its members to shoot up synagogues in the name of anti-Zionist hate?

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    The Democrats and the Nazis of old have a lot of overlap.

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      Antifa is the face of fascism in the modern world. The irony being they claim to be "antifascist" when they are really antisemitic.

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    As you know, the Democratic Party is not an enemy of Israel. Most US Jews vote for candidates in the Democratic Party, and they are sympathetic with what the Democratic Party stands for. Who shoots up US synagogues? Not individuals with Democratic values, it's the extremest right wing folks (usually young white male US citizens) who hold similar views to white nationalists, Trump, and the right wing of the Republican Party.

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    7 months ago

    You are always posting something stupid and so out of touch with what's really going on. Are you Russian? Did you somehow miss that you have the alt-right within the Republican party and serving under the Trump administration?

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      Totally agree!! This original post is ridiculous.

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    . . .and then find a way to blame Trump. I actually hear Juan Williams on Fox News say he wouldn't blame Trump for the shooting in Poway, and then began to blame Trump for it. What a waste of a seat on The Five! The producers really need to think straight!

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  • Henry
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    7 months ago

    I don't know that party. There are just the donkeys, the elephants, and the lesser parties that never get elected.

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    Why is the Republican Party of the USA not policing your online activity to make sure it does not cause them embarrassment and shame? Is it because the USA is not a authoritarian regime and the political parties are at the mercy of the people rather than the other way round?

  • -j.
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    7 months ago

    Grow up.


  • Dze
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    7 months ago

    because theyre a bunch of nipple heads ..

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