Rideshare with lyft or Uber ? Or any other ideas ?

Hello I have been taking a lyft to work for about a month while my car gets it repairs does anyone know anything about sharing a ride with someone to spit the cost of the ride ?


Also it cost $1900 to get my car fixed now I only owe $750 for it I just need something to help until May 21st

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  • 2 years ago

    The is no standard law on rates or time of pick up and return.

    suggest you ask your co workers.and negotiate something.

    In the world of barter it does not need to be just cash.

    You know what a lyft ride costs and you know that your car costs to and from work are little more than just the cost of gas.

    How much TIME does it cost the other driver to fetch you and return you.

    MUST you get a ride both ways the entire distance.

    Can you WALK a bit and maybe you just get a ride to and from their place.

    Do you work the same shift? In particular go home time?

    Must it be the same driver in both directions?

    Must it be for everyday. or can you still take a Lyft ride on the days your ride is not available.

    Maybe you only get a ride to work and need to take Lyft home.

    Is the ride a mile or fifty. How many extra miles does the driver need to do to fetch and deliver you

    Maybe you go to neighboring places and see if a ride can be obtained with someone on similar shift.

    It is taking a MONTH to repair your car?

    THINK what would you want after your car is fixed and someone asks you to take them to and from work? Just some gas money? A little something for the extra time it takes you.

    They buy you a coffee for the morning run. They buy you lunch once a week or what would you consider to be ADEQUATE for YOUR TIME you change in your day of just doing whatever whenever to accomadate your passenger.

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