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Ex is extra clingy after we hooked up?


My ex dumped me 9 months ago through text because he fell out of love with me. I was so heartbroken because I had no idea what have I done. He told me that I've grown to be someone else and that we aren't compatible anymore. Anyways, about 2 weeks ago he texted me apologizing that he f'd up and regrets breaking up with me. I fully never got over how he left me so I told him that I'm interested in hooking up. Nothing more to which he agreed. After our hook up, he has been constantly asking me for a second chance.

I clearly told him that I don't trust him anymore and just wanted to hook up because I was craving sex. We both haven't slept with anyone since our breakup so it was amazing and I don't mind continuing it but I guess he took it the wrong way thinking that I want him back. Should I give it another chance? I'm confused.

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    Since you two are still the same people, expect TO breakup again.

    The only sensible thing to do after a breakup is to walk away and not look back. Couples who CAN make it work DO make it work and don't break up in the first place.

    All that has happened is that he has suddenly gotten scared, being single (and probably without sex). He's having he inevitable "withdrawal symptoms" that follow a break up, and rather than weathering them out, he mistakenly thinks the solution is to get back together.

    As for trust, that is 65% of what makes a relationship work.

    And once trust has been broken you can glue it back, but it is never intact again. Another breakup is inevitable.

    You should NOT have slept with him if you didn't intend to actually get back with him. That was selfish and cruel of you.

    As for confusion, that happens when we are not being honest with ourselves. When we are not facing things we don't want to see

    As soon as you start admitting things you are now trying to avoid, your confusion will disappear.

    But understand that the reason you are not looking at these things is because they are not pleasant truths.

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