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Dwight asked in PetsCats · 1 year ago

My cat's coat is greasy (read below)?

So I have a long-haired, black cat with fine and thin fur (so she's a sleek girl, not really that fluffy). I put a new flea medicine on her last night and she did not react well to it. She continuously scratched herself until there were chunks of her fur on the carpet. (I won't be buying that brand anymore for her sake). But her fur became very greasy, so I gave her a bath to get the medicine off her. After her bath and her fur had dried, her neck was still greasy. So I tried brushing it out of her fur, I tried using cat wipes, and I even tried using a wet rag that had a little bit of shampoo mixed in it to try to get the grease off her neck. Well none of that has worked. As a matter of fact it has made her coat look even more greasy.

I promise you she does not have a disease, her coat is normally very sleek and shiny (until I put the flea medicine on her)

Are there any remedies I can try to do to get the grease out of her fur without giving her another bath?


2 Answers

  • J C
    Lv 7
    1 year ago
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    As you can see, most over the counter flea remedies do not work, and can cause some serious side effects. Those big hunks of fur she clawed out may get infected, so watch for that. All you can do at this point is either try some unscented baby wipes, or give her a bath with a cat safe shampoo - and not a flea shampoo. Do not use any sort of dishwashing detergent on her at this point as it will irritate her already-irritated skin.

    The only flea product you can get over the counter that is actually both save and effective is Advantage II.

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  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    Flea treatments are chemicals, so you are putting chemicals onto/into the cat and OTC products are useless, and many have been found to be toxic they absorb into the cats blood stream and so you can't 'do' anything to stop that... "She continuously scratched herself until there were chunks of her fur on the carpet" so this product is causing her lots of pain and you are worried about her greasy coat, worry about the things you can't see.....I would be more worried about how toxic it is and what if anything can be done to nutralise the effect or stop it wrecking her internal organs and that means taking product and cat to the vets

    • Dwight1 year agoReport

      calm down bro

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