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Are working class men naturally good fighters?

I've always led a safe, comfortable life. Very well paid managerial job at 28, wife a teacher and two kids who regularly attend piano lessons and ride horses. We holiday abroad every school term.

Never had to fight or argue ever in my life.

Last week two robbers came to our back alley and were trying to climb over a neighbors wall. I was terrified as I was sitting nonchalant drinking my earl grey around 930 pm in my back garden. I froze in fear not knowing how to react.

Anyway suddenly a 60 year old neighbour came out of his house, red with anger , shouting swearing and armed with a baseball . he shouted angrily at the two lads who ran off!

Then the old man came over and asked why I never got involved and why I just stood there! He said one should always fight to defend themselves from robbers.

This was a working class factory worker. He worked 16 hr shifts in Yorkshires foundarys as a young man.

Are working class people naturally good fighters, brave and able to confront danger?

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    Many working class guys are incredibly strong and fit. I would hate to tangle with most cops, firefighters, or farmers. Many of those guys can "wrench your neck" in under 5 seconds. Notre Dame's earliest football dynasty developed as a result of "farm boys" barreling hay for most of the off-season, which created "insane athleticism" when these guys returned to the football field in the fall. True "farmer strength & endurance" is nothing to mess with.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I anything you could o called the police. Duh

    You also make it sound like your better than the common working man. You come off as an arrogant as$hole that needs to get a 2x4 to the back of the head.

    That or your a TROLL!

  • Bon
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    1 year ago

    28 and in a managerial job, but never gotten in an argument in your life. Troll.

    Drinking your Earl Grey at home - can you be any more cliche trying hard too come off as British. Troll

    Never gotten into a fight while in a British school. Troll.

  • Paul
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    1 year ago

    dont know about "working class" men but I know for a fact about "farmer boy" strength

    u would have it those born and raised around farm animals have an irrefutable instinst on

    protecting themselves whether with aluminum baseball bats and what not

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  • Kenny
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    1 year ago

    Many "working class" men are stronger but not always . The guy with the bat could have had it stuck up his butt . Call law enforcement then do what you can . In my experience, the one calling the law comes out better . Otherwise it is your word against theirs . When with coworkers we talk fairly ruff to each other but most it is just all in fun . I have a brother-in-law I would describe like you and he has all kinds of funny Ideas about "working class" people .

  • not
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    1 year ago

    No not a good fighter. Different morals and values. I've stepped in on many situation. Stood toe to toe with a drunk man that towered over me in defense of his wife, I surely would have lost. Did it in public with another guy everyone feared and watched as he abused his girl, once again odds against me. Once I retrieved a boy with his bone sticking out of his leg while his family sat if fear and left him up in the hills alone. I can't understand the lack of action. I have other stories. My conscious won't let me do otherwise. Currently I struggle with a friend that I think may have become schizophrenic. Once again I don't have skills but I don't walk away. I reach out to his sister's and get no help; oddly one is some kind of psychiatrist, the other some kind of lawyer. They have applicable skills, I don't. I act, they don't. I have faith that some people wearing a tie must act too. Brave I dunno, stuff gets scary, lots of fear.

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    Not naturally, but being exposed to a higher level of violence at a younger age would nurture some of those attributes

  • marty
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    1 year ago

    Every man I know is, many women too.

  • Anonymous
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