Atheists, do any atheists on R&S say they can prove no gods exist? If the answer to that is "yes", what is the precise "proof" they deliver?

Update: Pat C .... I notice you were 100% incapable of delivering that "disproof" in your answer.
Update 2: Jea ...... you presented your "belief". Belief is not proof. Duh.
Update 3: Zero ...... any or all.
Update 4: Anne Arkey ..... so using your logic (ha ha), "160,000 years ago Neanderthal man could not empirically prove a spherical Earth did not exist back then, by default that is proof a spherical Earth did not exist then". Gee Anne, that makes you look pretty dumb doesn't it.
Update 5: FINAL CONCLUSION after reading the atheist replies: Gee, these atheists sure are dumb. They think their beliefs and their opinions are PROOF. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
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