Question About Pokémon Go Game?

If I’m in the yellow team, would it be a waste to battle inside red or blue team towers? I’m new and don’t know what to do when it comes to battle gyms

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  • 1 year ago

    When it comes to Gyms, it's best to "raid" rival team's gyms in groups. The main reason here is to help knock down the gym's prestige level & eventually take it over. Once your team overtakes a gym, you'll want to train the pokémon you choose to leave at the gym to raise it's prestige level to maintain your team's hold.

    If you choose to go solo, it's possible for a rival team to quickly hijack the gym once you kick out the other team (which you'll have to kick them out via battles). It's also a bit expensive in terms item usage (potions & whatnot) as well as your party listings (as pokémon used in battles & left at gyms generally are returned to you in feinted status). However, if you have a bunch of items to burn, you could proceed... but I wouldn't recommend it because you won't be able to properly boost the gym's prestige level on your own.

    Hope this helps!

  • 1 year ago

    Have fun it doesn't matter

  • 1 year ago

    You wanna take over the gyms. Each day, you earn 50 coins by the amount of time your pokemon is in the gym (or gyms.) But remember, its on 50 coins a day, no matter how many pokemon are at a gym you place them in. You can use the coins to buy stuff for your account (like egg incubators, pokeballs, clothing etc.)

    I am Valor. Though I haven't played as I used to, i used to go downtown and take over all the gyms there that wasn't valor. (There is well over 10 gyms there.) Its fun :)

  • 1 year ago

    You can't battle in gyms of your own color, so you are supposed to battle Red and Blue Gyms.

    The longer you can hold a Gym the more coins that you'll get (up to 50 per day). So you kind of want your Pokemon you put in gyms to be defeated and returned to you relatively quickly (if you hold a gym for 2 weeks, you don't get coins while he's out and only will get the 50 coins for your day on return).

    So if you can put some pokemon out each day and they get returned the next day, you'll be able to start gathering coins daily.

    Some of the daily quests you get for spinning PokeStops will want you to battle in a gym (or win a gym battle). Or to use so many super effective charged moves in gym battles. So there are those reasons why you would git a gym other than to just try to get coins.

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