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I have these heavy-ish square wire baskets There are three in different sizes and too wired to be planters.?

Also too separated to hold pens...There doesn't seem to be any sort of logo of a brand on who/where made, so I'm just really interested in knowing more info on them.

Thank you!


also made of some sort of metal but too dark to be brass, so maybe iron?

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2 Answers

  • 1 year ago

    Those are for plants. They are pot holders. Place a boring plain terra cotta or plastic pot from the greenhouse in them and the pot looks less boring and more decorative. You can use them to jazz up other plain things -boring candles look fancier in one of these. Place plain tin cans in them and they become decorative storage for pencils, pens and art supplies. Place glass vases in them and people will no longer see the boring stems of flowers. Having a picnic or buffet? Use them to hold knives, forks, spoons, napkins and more. Cut a square of cardboard the fits the bottom so things don't fall through the holes. There are plenty more uses, you just need to use your imagination.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    hmmm maybe candle holders or jsut some random decor that people have

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