How can I tell if a girl is interested in me? Both points of view are welcome.?

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  • 2 years ago
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    Here are some things to remember:

    1)Always start by looking for the girls who are interested in you. They are the ones who look at you and they smile at you.Some might just stare at you.Those ones are your choices right from the start. It should always be mutual interest.

    2)If a girl doesnt notice you it means she isnt interested in you.Sometimes,it means you arent their type.Move on.Dont approach them.You will get rejected. Always move on straight away or you'll miss out on others.

    3)Smile back at those girls who look at you and they smile at you and say "Hi" or "Hey".

    4)Then go over and introduce yourself to her.Just say:"Hi,my name is.....,I just wanted to meet you".

    5)Find out her name by asking her what her name is.

    6)The best topic to talk to a girl is her.

    Start by getting to know her.You are trying to bring a new person into your life.Ask her questions about herself so you get to know all about her.Ask a lot of questions over 3 or 4 dates.It shows her you are interested in her. Find out about her sooner not later.And you find out if you are on the same page or arent compatible you move on sooner.

    7)She should ask you questions about yourself so she can get to know all about you too.It shows she is interested in you too.

    8)There are certain things you need to look for from the first moment you meet:

    a)Her good qualities.

    b)The compatibilities between you and her.Its about what you and a girl have in common.

    c)Warning signs. The things you dont want to put up with.The deal breakers.

    d)You need to know what you want in the future.There are some girls who wont date a guy who doesnt know what they want in their future.

    9)At some point you and a girl will find out if you and them have a lot in common or not.If you do,continue seeing them.If not,call it a day and move on,start searching again.Have standards.Learn about someone sooner not later.You can move on quicker if things arent right.

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