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Are most women stronger and tougher than most men are?

Most women are stronger and tougher than most men are according to these 3 websites:




I'm pretty sure most women can beat up most men. So I think the military should consists of mostly women, since I think most women can perform better in the military than most men can.

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    Each woman and man is different. Certain women are stronger than certain men and vice versa.

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  • Carson
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    1 year ago

    Since you added links you must be right. If the internet says so it must be fact. Most of us know that statement is B.S..

    I'll ask "Generalize much?".

    Strength can be measured. Tough is relative.

    There are too many variables, too much conjecture for your question to be answered with a 'hard' yes or a 'hard' no.

    Change the "most" to 'some' or a 'few' and you may be closer to correct, but still very far away from correct.

    I'm sure Rhonda Rousey can beat the snot out of me. I'm just as sure Connor McGregor would beat the snot out of her.

    I cross trained with IDF. The women did not look like Ziva David from the show NCIS. These woman were badazz.

    In a fight with an average man who is in excellent shape, even has some fight training like McGregor, (poor example. Sport fighting isn't CQC life or death fighting) these women could beat them to death.

    A man of the same size and level of training they were best in CQC training.

    They were tough. Just not as strong.

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  • 1 year ago

    Experience indicates that this idea is incorrect.

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