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emma asked in PetsHorses · 1 year ago

How much (roughly) does it cost to rent a small field per month?

I live in Warwickshire, West Midland and I am looking at getting a couple of Shetland ponies, (not until I have somewhere to keep them obviously) and I am making a budget at the moment to figure out how much it would cost a month to keep them, but I can't seem to find a rough amount for renting a field (all the numbers I've found/gotten are either ridiculously high (trying to rip me off) or ridiculous low (not going to risk it). I was just wondering if anyone had a rough amount for renting a field in/near around where I live.

I am going to be getting them to drive a trap (maybe as companions as well if I get around to getting a taller pony or a horse) not to ride, for anyone getting concerned.

Thank you in advance for your answers! :D


I live in Kenilworth so ideally I am looking for a small field in either Kenilworth, Warwick or Leamington Spa. :)

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  • Maxi
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    1 year ago
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    Warwickshire is a large county, so you need to be more specific as you do not need land 10 miles from where you live it will depend on where and if you are renting from a farmer, renting from stables or an individual who just has a couple of acres going spare

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  • Snezzy
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    1 year ago

    Your expectations and the landowner's requirements may not match, so your own work, checking out several places, will be necessary. You'll need land with grass, suitable for grazing, a proper supply of water, and fencing suitable for ponies. There should be a gate that actually works.

    You'll need to think about the presence of other horses nearby. If your horses get out, where will they go?

    Additionally - - - Ponies live on air, and will founder on fat air. You do not want other people, out of the ignorant goodness of their hearts, feeding anything to your ponies. Maybe some sort of sign, DO NOT TRY TO FEED US ANYTHING . Or perhaps, following A A Milne's description of Piglet's house, TRESPASSERS W.

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  • 1 year ago

    There's only one way to find out. Call up the ones you've found, go see if the fields are suitable. If they are, that's what you'll pay.

    There can't be all that many small fields to rent in your area.

    No sense drawing up a budget for a field you can't use, or can't rent, or that's gone when you're ready.

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