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Are my parents abusing me?

My friend has told me that my Mum and Step Dad abuse me, but I have been abused before and this isn't the same.

She says it's because they make me do a massive list of housework, cook everyone dinner and while they eat I always clean up the kitchen, after that I will finish the list until everything is done sometimes that isn't until 1 or 2 in the morning, then I am allowed to eat and go to sleep, I have been doing this since I was 10. If I go out with my friends all the housework will be waiting for me when I get home and I have to make sure I am home to cook dinner every day, its whatever one of my siblings want to eat.

It has been getting worse recently as now I have a job so I have to fit everything around that which means sometimes i dont have time to eat or sleep, as well as that she says that I shouldn't be giving them as much of my pay check as I should as they have 3/4 of my pay.

I'm just not sure any more as she is adamant that they are, but this isn't the same as when I lived with my dad. I just need help with knowing either way.

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    First, how old are you?


    THIRD, if you are 18 or over, you can open your own bank account and put your paycheck into it. No one has access to it but you. If you are under 18, ask your father to take you to a bank to open an account in your name. Your paycheck CANNOT be cashed without your signature. THIS IS YOUR MONEY and no one elses.

    Go back and live with your father.

    Keep track of the hours of housework you do on a weekly basis in a journal. Multiply those hours by minimum wage. this is what you're owed. Make sure your Mom and step-father know it.

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    I'm not sure how to edit it but I'm 19 and I do have a bank account my wages go into, I cannot live with my dad as he was physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually abusing me

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    Yes, you are being abused. Notify the Police.

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    thats too long to read

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    Yes. It’s complicated legally but your parents should not do this to you, they’re basically making their own child do Slavs labour. You should speak to police if you’re old enough or your school head teacher if not about this. Your parents should not be doing this to you

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    This is 100 percent abuse, they are taking advantage of you.

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