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My puggle had seizer yesterday she is 16 Puggle?

She had a bowl movement all over my floor, and she had vomited. She could not walk straight and has a eye twitch. Vet said all test is normal. 24hrs later won t take anything in hasn t went to bathroom and can t get up without falling. I have been forcing liquid with dropper. What do you suggest?

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  • Anna E
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    7 months ago

    It actually sounds to me like a stroke. What did the vet say about what the problem could be. He should have mentioned something about the age of the dog, which is about at the end of it's average lifespan, and recommended something you could do for the dog. Call the vet and ask what he recommends you do, or maybe even take her to another vet. Sometimes the most humane thing to do is put them down. I have had a couple of dogs that had strokes, but they were both willing to eat and drink, even though they didn't get around very well, and often were unable to control their urine or bowels. In both instances, I eventually euthanized due to decline in their condition.

  • 7 months ago

    Put your sickly backyard breeder mutt down. I don't know what a "16 Puggle" is. If you mean a 16 year old mutt mix of Beagle and Pug then it's a VERY old and clearly VERY sick dog. She probably had a stroke.

  • Lauren
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    7 months ago

    You need to call your vet and give them an update. See if they suggest anything. Sometimes when tests come back normal the only option for diagnosis is to get a referral to a veterinary school / veterinary specialist for advanced testing, such as a CT or MRI. Some of these disorders are very difficult to diagnose and there are not always simple answers. But your vet may be able to try something else. Seizure medications are typically not given for one isolated seizure but if seizures keep happening, the vet may start him on a medication. This could be some type of balance issue related to the ear or even a brain tumor. It's impossible for us to know. But if she's not eating/drinking, she can become dehydrated easily and may require hospitalization for IV fluids.

  • 7 months ago

    I suspect that she has had a stroke.

    Way back this happened to one of my dogs, she recovered and lived for years afterwards.

    My dog who had a stroke was Inga a Great Dane, she lived until she was 12 years old.

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  • 7 months ago

    Returning to the vets

  • 7 months ago

    You need to at least call the Vet that worked on your dog. Tell him/her what is going on. Blood tests would not catch anything wrong with the balance in your dogs ears.

    Ask questions. The more the better cause these new age Vets have a way of having you come back & come back & come back to pad their pockets.

  • 7 months ago

    I suggest that if your current vet has decided that all is normal, you find another vet because clearly what's going on is NOT normal. Andyou do need a vet, not unqualified people here.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    This sounds a whole lot like a vestibular event to me. Google canine vestibular disease.

    No one here can diagnose or treat her. You need to take her back to the vet or get a second opinion.

  • 7 months ago

    I suggest you call the vet who is treating your dog, tell them what you are telling us and take the vets advice, on what you need to do for your dog now.

    Your vet knows your dogs medical history and current situation a lot better than any of us would and would be the best person qualified to help your dog. We cannot do anything for your dog here.

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