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Is what I did harassment by texting this guy drunk?

I wanted to ask because someone on here said it was harassment and he should file charges when it was just a few calls trying to hook up at night. I hung out and hooked up with this guy two different times and we connected on Linkedin the first time we met.

Last weekend, I called him like 4 times when overly drunk, trying to hang out. My message showed up as "not delivered" and his phone rang once, so in my drunken state, I thought he blocked me! That is typically what that means, but my judgement was altered.

This is the embarrassing part: I then messaged him on Linkedin "why did you block my number, you are psycho" and then blocked him!

The next morning I realized how impaired my judgement was, and texted "wait sorry i was hella drunk and calling you last night, lmfao i'm psycho" and I just left him blocked on Linkedin. the next night I text him a picture of the fire place at our apartment saying "come hang out if you aren't doing anything" THESE MESSAGES WERE DELIVERED SO I DONT THINK I WAS EVER BLOCKED.

He hasn't responded to anything but they were all late at night. Obviously I am not going to text him again!

My plan if I run into him is to just laugh and say omg I'm sorry I was super drunk and blocked you! I woke up and was like idk why I was even upset. And also to avoid him so it takes a while to ever run into him!

Would you consider this harassment? I think not since I blocked him and said sorry in the morning.

2 Answers

  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    Continuing unwanted texts/contact can be classified as harrassment and it was certainly unwanted otherwise he would have replied

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  • 1 year ago

    Probably not since it was only one evening, as I understand you.

    But being drunk is no excuse for bad behavior.

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