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Would this be a problem that would concern normal people or am I over reacting?

Lets say a couple in their early 30s decided to spend an evening at home together. Out of boredom, they decided to contact a person who sells drugs to enhance the night. After a few failed attempts, they give up on the desire. I few hours later, the man decides to go to bed around 2:30AM. The woman decides she is going to stay out in the living room and sleep on the couch.

When the man wakes in the AM, he realizes the woman decided at some point in the night to come to bed. After making something to eat and returning to the bedroom, he hears her phone vibrating. When he picks it up He sees text messages from the same drug dealer they both tried to contact the night before asking "can you call me when youre close?".

On a side note, this couple has experienced serious issues in the past with drug addiction and infidelity on the womans part, over an extended period of time (maybe about 18 months).

When the man brings the issue to the womans attention, and lets her know that after seeing this, he blocked the drug dealer's number in her phone and deleted 3rd party apps that would allow her to contact the dealer in a secret fashon, she got angry about the situation. She tells him "he needs to trust her", "he shouldn't be deleting things on her phone without telling her" and she wouldnt care if the situation was reversed".

Would this be a problem with anyone else or am I over-reacting??

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I'm assuming that you're the guy in the story? I think that normal people would see drug addiction as a problem and draw the line there, because you can't trust someone who's addicted to drugs, you can't tell if they're telling the truth or not and it's almost certain that a lot of the time they are lying.

    Maybe this particular time it was nothing, maybe it was something, you could never know and that's the problem. You can't have a relationship based on trust under those circumstances.

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  • DIEGO.
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    this is a good question!

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