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Tottenham vs Tottenham Court Road?

I booked a hotel in Tottenham for shopping but have since realized that Tottenham and Tottenham COURT ROAD are in completely separate neighborhoods! What is Tottenham the district like? Is there easy public transportation into the Center of London? Is it safe? Clean? Are there any good tea rooms or public houses there? Do they see many vacationers?

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  • Zapata
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    8 months ago

    That's nothing, it cost me a lot to discover that Leicester Square and Leicester are a LONG way apart.

    • F
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      Oxford Circus is miles from Oxford.
      The Old Kent road isn't in Kent (but not too far)
      East India Dock road is MILES from India

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Tottenham is a bad area. 99 % deprived Jamaicans/Pakistanis living there

    Cancel your booking

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    Despite the bad press Tottenham has had in the past, It is fine. It is in the middle of being regenerated. Not much to do as far as shopping goes as it is full of little corner shops - some of which will have gone since I lived there. There is, of course, the new stadium which I have yet to see. Wherever your hotel is, take a bus to Seven Sisters tube station and from there, it is about 15 minutes by tube to Oxford Circus. If going back to the hotel in the evening, just remember, the majority of people are doing just as you are and going back home. I lived there for over 12 years and traveled late at night home on a regular basis. I never once felt frightened, was never mugged, my house was never burgled.

    Just do the sensible things like keeping to well lit streets, don't have your phone out as you leave the tube and keep valuables hidden - the same as you would do in the centre of London.

    If you are at the Premier Inn, Tottenham Hale, then there is a small shopping area near Tottenham Hale station. If you are nearer Tottenham Hale, then the Victoria Line passes through, so you could get the tube there. Don't panic. It might not be central London, but no doubt you are getting a cheaper hotel and the area is not that bad.

  • Maxi
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    Tottenham is a district of North London, in the Borough of Haringey and is nowhere near Tottenham Court Rd which is central London but easy travel by tube or bus.

    Like with any town near London there is good/bad areas it is certiainly not a tourist place... lots of Greek and Turkish cypriots when I lived in an area called Palmers Green which is near there and I worked in Tottenham Court Rd so travelled daily

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  • 8 months ago

    Tottenham is a fair way outside central London. It's not a tourist destination.

  • 8 months ago

    Tottenham is a suburb of North East london with good fast Underground and rail connections in to the Central area. Unfortunately Tottenham is quite a high crime rough area and to be honest I would not recommend it as a good place to stay

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    You're not allowed out of the house alone.

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