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Who should I pick? Virgo or Taurus?

I’m a Aries woman who was stuck between two earth sign men (i attract them a lot due to my Virgo placements). I ended up choosing the Virgo instead of the Taurus because he claimed me fast and showered me with gifts and affection. I’m starting to regret it because I felt like me and the Taurus man was building a connection. When I got tarot’s readings it said he was attracted to me. I also feel like I have more chemistry with the Taurus man. Their also friends do you think me and the Taurus have a chance? Should I pursue it or let it go?!

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    You should choose Taurus.

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    which one you love the most

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    I don't hate aries they are good as friends but if I were to have a lasting marriage I wouldn't count on a aries.

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    Men who move to fast are usually either going to lose interest just as fast .. OR they are dependent and clingy and end up over-reacting and getting upset with everything until you hate them and run away.

    As for Sun in Taurus .. Taurus is a Fixed sign, so it tries to avoid change. This means stalling on building a connection, since on some level they understand it will be hard for them to quit it once it is built. So they go slow and take lots of time.

    Don't bother with Tarot. It is useless.

    As for chemistry, psychologists warn us that chemistry is NOT love. That the stronger the chemistry is, the more the relationship will NOT stand up over time.

    Perhaps you should not pick either of these men.

    Perhaps you should do real astrology. Find out the (1) full birthdates, the (2) EXACT birthtime, and (3) the birthplace for both of these men.

    And for you too.

    Then go to this website and enter the combination of you and Mr. Virgo and see what the entire astrological interactions are between your two personal birthcharts. And then check out you and Mr. Taurus.

    You will not get any validity out of astrology unless you are working off the unique birthchart for the MOMENT/place that individual was born.

    What you want to look for is any synastry aspect of:

    One person's Sun conjunct the other person's Ascendant, or

    opposition the Ascendant.

    OR one person's Moon conjunct or opposition ....

    OR Venus conjunct or opposition ....

    OR Mars conjunct or opposition ...

    Because unless one of these interactions occur between your birthchart and the other person, the relationship will either never become an important relationship OR the two of you will not last more than a couple of years.

    As far as pursuing a man, you don't need to do that.

    Men know right away if they want a woman, and if they do they will chase after her .. yes, even men with Sun (or any other planet) in Taurus. They know what they want and won't let go of that.

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    You’ll trust strangers and superstition for approval? Why don’t you ask these men if they mind? If I knew your affection depended on who has the better birthday, I’d be insulted. Judge me by my actions.

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    Taurus and Virgo both HATES Aries!

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    7 months ago

    Both are humanitarian.

    Source(s): Aquarius.
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    Here is an idea. Drop the horoscope shite and pick who you like more. The stats aren’t going to tell you anything

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