Mysterious last names for characters?

I’m writing a book that takes place in salem and is about witches and warlocks and I want my characters to have unusual mysterious and dark sounding last names that to separate them apart from my non witch/warlock characters like I have a witch character who’s name is Scarlett Blackwood and is called Star for short while my non warlock character is named Maddie Kingston so can anyone tell me what are some good Mysterious last names that sound like it would belong to a witch or warlock


and no it doesn't take place during the witch trials it's in modern day salem and no it has nothing to do witch witch trials

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    1 year ago
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    I agree with Tina - it’s a bit disrespectful to set your story about witches in Salem if it’s not necessary to do so because it exploits the tragedy that happened there historically. But since you want mysterious last names for your witches/warlocks, you seem to want to run with the stereotypical witch thing and rely on a reader’s preconceived notions for characters and story rather then develop those things through your writing. In a way that makes sense since it’s easier and when you’re just starting out writing - and maybe more fun for you.

    So some mysterious last names:












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    What does this have to do with cars and transportation?

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    Tabitha Blyesdale

    Josiah Blake

    Margurite Mitchell

    Council Chapman

    Theresa Willow wood

    Quint Hawk

    three of each gender for your consideration, good luck with your story

    Source(s): I write too
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    The wise

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    'Spellman', 'Hexam', 'Incantor',

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    1 year ago

    Do you really have to set a book about witches in Salem? twenty people died because they refused to confess to what one of the victims called 'a filthy falsehood.' They did not find witches in the least attractive or funny and no one in Salem even thought him or herself was a witch.

    Couldn't you just make up a name for your town?

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    Wouldn't that be a hint for the 'good guys' in the story? It's more feasible to have normal names for everyone in the group.

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    A modern day Salem Witch Trial wouldn't fly into today's society. Your premise is entirely unnrealistic.

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    Salem was an English Puritan village, so the majority of the people in it - except for the slave Tituba (who was Caribbean or black) - would have had English, Scottish amd perhaps Welsh names. (There may have been a Dutchman or two, since the Mayflower Puritans were in the Netherlands before they went to Plymouth and took ship to America)

    Blackthorne or any name with "black" might serve your purpose. There was a man named "Death" in the 1800s, so Death or Dead something [like Deadman or Deadwood] is legitimate. [Mr. Death was peripherally involved in solving the first murder on a train in England.] Hallow or Hollow. Geist or Ghost. Spirit or Sprite - as in "Spiritful" [A Puritan called himself, or was christened, "Praise-God Barebones", so "Spiritful" or "Full-of-the-Holy-Spirit" (Fullspirit or Spiritful or Holyspirit for short)] A name with Catholic associations would not go down well with the Puritans, so "Priest", "Monk" or "Abbott" or "Pape" might make the godly folk suspicious that they were some hocus-pocus papists.

    I hope you realize from your research that witches and warlocks [if they called male witches or sorcerers "warlocks"] were considered the servants of the Devil and that a godly community of Puritans hung convicted witches, not befriended them. Among the hanged were woman named Rebecca Nurse and Mary Estey - nothing in those names shouted "witch" or even "stranger". Blackwood, Kingston and Scarlett are good last names - just right for witches posing as good Puritan neighbours because they don t shout "witch" like Fey [King Arthur s sorceress sister] or Fairleigh [Fairy?] . [Scarlett O Hara was named after her father s Irish ancestors, the Scarletts]

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