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Am I in the wrong in this situation?

If I had to pull out of a busy junction where there is a bridge on one side where you can’t see people coming over and made someone break so I can get out am I in the wrong. I did not see them come over the bridge, it was a very steep hill to get off and I’m not very good at hill starts yet so by the time they’d gone over it I’d just started going?

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    Yes - it was a rookie mistake. If it is any consolation, no autonomous car on the road (or planned, for that matter) would have done any better. The problem was not in what was happening right then; it was in what hazards the situation produced.

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    Yes, you failed to yield to a vehicle that had the right-of-way -- regardless of your excuses for why it happened. You are fortunate that you didn't cause an accident. You need to improve your driving skills and gain more experience before placing yourself in these kinds of places and situations.

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    2 years ago

    Yes you would be in the wrong

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    yes you would be in the wrong as it is their priority and coming down a hill can be quite fast. But then lets just blame the people that built the bridge in such a stupid place lol

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