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In the wake of the Isreal Falou saga, Is there a difference between Free Speech and hate speech?

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    Free speech = What Folau said

    Hate speech = What was said about Folau's free speech

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    Well I think what he said is both. Whether it is classified as free speech or not it just does not belong with football; not in the public interest. Like it or not Bible times are not the times we live in today. His remarks were highly offensive and hurtful to many. Highly inappropriate for children to hear also. Obviously misled by an out of touch Church group. People are quite entitled to have their private thoughts on things, read what they will, but to use a (fooithall) platform to declare them, to have complete disregard of discrimination rights, shows the individual has a loss of good Christian tolerance and so called brotherly love. He brings his Church into disrepute, shows what bigots they must be to espouse such passages which are so offensive towards others. So much for love one a another hey! I don't care where he quoted from; it wasn't appropriate to publicly declare. In my eyes was a very un-Christian thing to do.

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    I think your right HSJ as there is also no free speech on Yahoo Answers. Every time i say something about how rotten the ALP are it gets removed

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    No-one has free speech. All speech comes with responsibility. For instance a claim of "free speech" will not serve you well in court were you to shout "Fire!" without reason in a crowded theatre. No-one can tell lies about another person without facing charges of slander or libel and no-one can vilify another on the grounds of sex, age, religion, sexuality or skin colour. People are free to say whatever they like with those provisos.

    Folau claims to be a Christian but he is spouting the teachings of Paul, not Christ. If he was a Christian, he would be following Jesus' commandment to "love your neighbour as yourself".

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    Free Speech is something that comes out of your mouth and people gets offended by it. Am I right? And speaking of Israel Falou, he's a sub human delusional idiot. Mormons are usually crap at playing sport.

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    was not a hate speech , some where in the bible it says adulterers etc will go to hell

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    There is a massive difference between free speech and hate speech, Israel Falou has done neither, he has given a passage from his bible, or so they say, they are not his words.

    Is there any adult that has not done one of the things he mentions, everyone seems to be concentrating on the homosexual part of the comment, he also mentions drunks and adulterers, liars, thieves, atheists and a few others as well, doesn't that cover the majority of the population. I think about 90% of the population would be fornicators.

    I think the ARU are taking a stand because Qantas who have many homosexual employees are their sponsor and no one would want to lose a Qantas sponsorship.

    He's also a religious nut and we all know how painful they can be.

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    I don't agree with what you say - free speech.

    I don't think you have a right to say what you say - hate speech.

    And yes, as a society we agree that hate speech doesn't have a right to say what they say, so there is no paradox there.

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    If it's against speech.

    If it's against perverts...hate speech.

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