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Mexican/American baby boy names suggestions?

We can’t come up with a name for our baby. We are both half Mexican/half American so the baby will be too. His family has the suggestion of Eleno being that was his fathers father first name. Pronounced E-Len-o. Not

E-leen-o Suggestions on if this should be first or middle and what goes good with it or just other name suggestions? I never knew picking a baby name would be this hard. Being 2019 people are judgemental and whatever I go with I don’t want him hating me for it later.


lnvosin sdv

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    I'd be inclined to use the dad's name as a middle name. It can be confusing have people in the same household with the same first name.

    Don't know where in the USA you live, but that could influence what name you choose. I live in the Miami, Florida area and there are many many people who have "ethnic" first names. If you live in Kansas, that might be different.

    Names I like are-

    Anthony, Devon and Matthew.

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    "half Mexican/half American and the baby will be too" is classic.

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    Don’t worry about what strangers think, name your baby what ever you like

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    How will your child be Mexican American? Will baby live in both nations? Baby will either be Mexican or American. Any name will do. There aren’t specific “Mexican” or “American” names. PICK ANY NAME YOU LIKE! Your family is you and the daddy. It’s 2019, you don’t have to pass down family names.

    —- and if baby is Mexican American, then my kids are German American. Never mind they never been to Germany nor know anyone from Germany. I just have German grandparents.

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    Name him whatever YOU want. He is yours, and it is YOUR decision.

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    Tom Ali

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    Gabriel Eleno or Mateo Eleno

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