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White tear/crack underneath glass display on 2017 MacBook Pro?

I have a 2017 MacBook Pro. I picked it out of my bag one day and I saw a small crack in the display, I thought to myself, oh f***, I cracked the display, how?. But this was not the case. I felt the glass and there was clearly no damage to the glass. Instead it was underneath the glass. It was a small white crack at the bottom of the screen. This crack however started to grow, and I noticed that when you put pressure on it, it seemed to grow exponentially. It literally looks like a white line graph on my screen, which discolors the screen around it. I have no idea what happened or what to do. I am very scared that I have to pay $800+ to fix my MacBook. Any help is appreciated.

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  • 1 year ago
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    It sounds like the LCD Display on your computer is cracked. Usually this happens with pressure or by dropping the device. Although the front glass screen is not cracked or damaged the screen behind it is. I would stop putting pressure on it. I don't think the cost of repairs will be that expensive but it is always worth checking with a Certified Apple Repair Center or an Apple Store Directly for an accurate cost for parts.

    Hope this helps!

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  • 1 year ago

    "White tear/crack underneath glass display on 2017 MacBook Pro"

    This is Yahoo Answers where you post a question and we post an answer, and then you award Best Answer. You didn't ask a question. Maybe your question could be "Where do I take it for display replacement?" If you are in a big city, take it to Apple retail store. If not, find an authorized service provider here-->

    "Any help is appreciated."

    Help with what? It's up to you. OK, I can try to help with your English. STOP plugging "LITERALLY" into every third sentence, like everyone does nowadays. "Literally" means the opposite of figuratively. Nothing can literally look a certain way. Something ACTUALLY appears a certain way, or simply don't use any modifier at all.


    • Jeez, you're an asshole. Sorry that my question did not fit your criteria. I used "literally" only once. It's how people talk nowadays, especially people my age. Do you expect me to treat this like an essay or legal document? If you're not here to help, then why bother commenting.

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  • 1 year ago

    it rnight be cheaper to buy a new one

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      And you might actually give a halfway decent answer if your IQ was above 10.

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