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Can you believe Arsenal are going back above Floppenham Hotturds tomorrow?

A few weeks ago they were 10 points clear, but now the usual Spurs collapse and flop job is in full flow.

United & Arsenal are both arguably better and they are right in the top four fight and still have to go to City whilst Arsenal has easier games.

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    With Cardiff being robbed by Chelsea and spurs losing Fromm a mistake both will feel hard done and play with more motivation against a man $hitty with busy fixtures and no Aguero. At least Chelsea know they cheated if it was city they’d be trying to play it off

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    2 years ago

    This shows how bad things have got at Arsenal now.

    Once they were a team you expected to win or be in amongst the title race, now their best achievement is the “we are 1 point ahead of a team that haven’t played a home game in 2 years and don’t buy players” trophy.

    Spurs will get top 4 this year, Arsenal my well too and they might even finish above Spurs.

    That said, I can’t see Arsenal beating certain teams, they have a lot of away tough away games; Wolves, Burnley, Watford and Leicester some they may win but i doubt all of them.

    Still will be interesting to see.

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    I can believe. This has been the norm in every season but one that I can think of...no matter how well Tottenham starts, they manage to find a way to finish behind Arsenal nearly every time. It's just ...bananas.

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