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Why does some pain feel like a release and it feels so good?

I bite my lip really hard to the point where it bleeds and it's swollen. It hurts really bad but it also feels really good. Once it's open and throbbing I like to put my finger on it so it tingles and burns from the salt on my skin. I can't explain what it is but it's almost like a release. I remember I started doing it in 1st grade when I was really stressed (first grade was horrible for me because family reasons) and I was suicidal and stuff. I remember biting my lip for the first time and crying because it hurt but the pain felt so amazing. It was like taking a hot shower after you've been really cold. It was so relieving. Ever since then I've been doing it and it lasts for about 3 days and it only happens every 4 months or so. Another thing I started doing in first grade is stabbing mechanical pencils between my nail and finger and it would stab and hurt really bad but it also felt amazing. I haven't done that in years because I got pencil lead stuck under my skin once and that wasn't good. But I always have little things like that where they just make me feel so relieved and satisfied. I don't know why though. I generally don't like pain. Like I've never cut because I don't like that and I hate blood but these small things feel so good and I don't know why. I was wondering if other people have this or if anyone knows what is happening in my brain that causes it to react this way.

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    friend the reason that people cut themselves or purposely cause pain to themselves is that pain causes the body to release a chemical called endomorphin which is the body's natural painkiller and it has chemical similarities to heroin! Self harm is a physical chemical addiction to endomorphin! you can accomplish exactly the same thing by taking a stun gun and shocking yourself on the bottom of your foot that will be intensely painful and it will release so much Endo morphine that you will be literally higher then if you shot up with pure heroine ! have you ever smacked your funny bone on your elbow and it hurt so bad that you thought you were going to puke and then you found yourself delightfully high a few minutes later!? That's because your body released a massive quantity of endo morphine

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    Just reading about dopamine on Wikipedia. You could get your answer there. From your own understanding.

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    i wouldnt do all that, you could end up getting hurt that way

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