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C-section process?

What is the process for a c-section? Do I just go in the operating room and they start cutting my belly open?

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    It's a surgical procedure, so there are many details common to all surgical procedures, like making sure the right patient is on the table and that the right operation is going to be performed. There are good reasons for preferring a spinal or epidural anaesthetic as opposed to a general, since you really don't want to anaesthetise the baby as well. The operating site will be screened from view unless the mother specifically requests otherwise, when a mirror can be appropriately arranged. The surgeon may chat with the mother during the procedure, and of course the baby can be shown to mother as soon as it has been delivered and tidied up. As an anaesthetist I always enjoyed attending the planned C-section deliveries, though sometimes the emergency deliveries were a bit panic-struck.

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    Yup, they just have you stand there and they cut the baby out.

    There are many steps. But yes, you do have the OR part right.

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    Your doctor should go through all of that with you.

    There will be anesthetic before they do anything.

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    if he cuts the belly......sue him

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    No, the give you a spinal anesthesia, prep you and do a low uterine incision, deliver the baby and close it up. But run this with you OB

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      Not all sections are a low uterine incision. Some require higher or vertical.

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