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Physical Therapy did not provide me a Notice of Privacy when I first started treatment.?

PT did not provide me a Notice of Privacy when I started treatment or at all. We made some agreements that apparently were stated in the Notice of Privacy requiring additional paperwork I was suppose to ask for and fill out. Not having the Notice of Privacy to inform me of this paperwork or agreeing to it, put me at a disadvantage.

Me and my PT agreed that she would email me my home exercise programs and what not. She never did. Apparently I was suppose to ask for paperwork for her to communicate through a given source. Now my chart notes are inaccurate of my care.

What do I do now? I live in Washington State.

Thank you!

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  • 9 months ago

    Why haven't you asked for it and filled it out? You have to take some responsibility for failing to do so.

  • 9 months ago

    There is about 99.99999% chance that you signed a privacy notice.

    And even if you didn't, there are probably at least 2 notices posted in the waiting room and other areas of the PT facility.

    This is what I am reading:

    - the PT & you agreed that she would email you some exercises

    - when you didn't receive it, you didn't follow up

    - as a result, the PT thinks you have been doing at home exercises and you haven't been

    - you will now tell her that you never received the items.

    - the PT will now make a notation in the chart that you were not doing the at home exercises but will get them now and begin to do them (if they are still needed)

    Did I miss anything?

  • 9 months ago

    Contact the clinic and discuss it with them

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