Old school Wrestling Tournament. Who would win and why?

In their primes. Which team would win?

1. The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin

2. The Ultimate Warrior and Sting

3. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair

4. Brett Hart and HBK

5. Undertaker and Triple H

6. Goldberg and Brock Lesner

7. Andre the Giant and Macho Man

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    2 years ago
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    If I were booking it id add 1 more team to the list. Batista and Cena.

    1 v 2 = rock and austin go over sting and warrior clean

    3 v 4 = hbk and bret go over after flair turns on hogan to set up a single feud between the 2

    5 v 6 = taker and hunter win due to Lesnar refusing to work with goldberg

    7 v 8 = andre and savage win clean

    1 v 4 = austin rock win in a fantastic match

    5 v 7 = this basically turns into andre v taker, andre and savage go over

    1 v 7 = savage gets taken out early. Andre dominates rock and austin for most of the match, rock and austin work together to find a way to bring down the big man. Andre eventually wins.

    Post match, savage takes all the credit, Andre turns on him turning savage heel...

    Next months ppv

    Goldberg v lesnar, hogan v flair, batista and cena v sting and warrior, taker v hunter, hbk & bret v austin rock rematch, savage v andre main event

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    The only legitimate team in the tournament is Warrior and Sting, the former LOD knock off "Blade Runners" tag team. With that being said, I don't think they ever garnered the invincible streak of their predecessors. Goldberg and Lesnar however do have the reputation of being, muscle bound, hard to beat, legitimate tough guys. As a tandem they would be as untouchable as the Road Warriors I think. Some of these teams have a big man/monster attached to them, but the weak link's always going to be the smaller man when you're put against two monsters. Also, there's some contention between a few of these names. Austin & Rock would probably make it through the first round after clearing out the more at odds Bret and HBK, but I could easily see either man leaving the other for dead in the second round. Hogan and Flair have never been on the same page, and Undertaker and Triple H aren't exactly pals either. With Blade Runners going out in the first round I think, my bet is that the only cohesive opposition for Goldberg and Lesnar is Savage/Andre. Savage is out gunned, and I think Lesnar could probably manhandle Andre, and considering what Goldberg's done to the likes of The Giant, he might stand a chance of getting Andre off of his feet. Goldberg/Lesnar win.

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    WWE is fake

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