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I'm at my breaking point. I have no friends. I live in a bad place my parents dont let me leave. My parents torture and abuse me?

My online therapist is okay not great or even that good. She doesnt seem to understand a lot of what I say or respond to a lot I say. Its not bad, not good either. I'm not even depressed but sometimes I wish it was easier to kill yourself. Who wants to live the same day over and over again like stuck in a prison, like house arrest. I'd either rather be free or dead. I'm not American but I believe the same thing they did give me liberty or give me death.

If only I had some friends to talk to. Can I make friends on this site or what site can I make friends on. I've been to support groups for ptsd online but they dont really even listen to what I post that much. I want to live I really do but sometimes being dead seems better than being trapped forever in the worlds worst place.

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    I worked in a youth jail for a long time and we always said to the the kids suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know as humans we have a habit of focusing on what is going wrong in our lives. If you are lonely i challenge you to figure out your passion and connect with people who share your hopes, dreams and passion. So you are going to work at your your dream job..... now close your eyes and imagine the elevator doors open where are you ?

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      my problems are permanent my parents could keep me in this place for a long time theyre very cruel terrorists

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