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Vizio TV power problem/ Display quality damamge?

I got a new Vizio P Series 2018 tv, and I'm a bit paranoid about my electronics. I turned on my Vizio TV before and it worked, but today I went to turn on my tv via remote and it didn't turn on immediately, I then turned it on after a second try, went to set up vizio smart cast, got to the terms and conditions and pressed the ok button and the tv just shut off. Turned back on immediately with the remote and appears to be working fine.

My question is, can a power problem cause worst picture on my tv? Can a power cycle fix this problem?

When I press Info on my tv when its on it says 2160p so that means my signal is same and the picture is good because the tv reads that way right?

Sorry for the rambling.

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    TVs are designed to be switched on and off thousands of times with very little chance of failure.

    Switching it on and off should Never affect the image quality.

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