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Has feminism destroyed happiness in society and made it backwards?

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    Polls show that women have become unhappy since feminism.

    Feminism has clearly ruined many men's lives and male suicides are a huge problem so yes feminism has created a great deal of unhappiness for men. Although they seem to be fairly happy once they move away from women so it's not universal.

    For children, feminism on the whole been a disaster with half a generation at risk of all sorts of negative outcomes.

    I would still say "destroyed" is a bit strong. It's only really "destroyed" happiness for women. Not entirely for men and children.

    Yes feminism has made society backwards. It is anti-intellectual and it is a most pernicious ideology. We had been doing so well in all sorts of egalitarian issues until the rise of feminism.

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    Yes. Feminists are only content when everyone is miserable.

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    Actually that's the result of wages having not kept pace with inflation since 1975.

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    Feminism hasn't progressed to the level it should have done, so yes women are still miserable because liberation hasn't been achieved, all that's happened to date is equality which is a profoundly conservative aim and unrealistic if not unworkable because it leads women to live the unequal lives of men in a corporate world designed according to male patterns of behaviour. Also despite doing what men do as far as work life is concerned they still statistically do additional unpaid work at home which will make anyone miserable, so socially there's still long term change needed given that legally only so much can be achieved.

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    Polls show that women have become less happy under feminism. This really should come as no surprise. Who is made happier by being told they should work more?

    Feminism has certainly created a gender war of sorts, and has created a great deal of sexism at a time we should be getting past sexism as a society, so I suppose that could be considered a step backwards.

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      Which polls? Which women? Define 'happiness'? And define feminism in the context you used to it?

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    > "Has feminism destroyed happiness in society and made it backwards?"


    We still have Linux.

    We still have Jazz.

    Thus happiness and forwards.


    Source(s): Linux and Jazz.
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    Males did that since beginning of time

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    "Has feminism destroyed happiness in society and made it backwards? "

    Everything after first wave feminsm (equality via equal Rights) is radical feminism with ideology at it's core, pushing for radical social change through social engineering.

    So the first social change was to get women out of the comfort ("opressive environment") of their family homes in order to be mandated ("liberated") to work a wage-slave job, full time just like the men had always been mandated to.

    Women were not so quick to want to do that. It took the next generation of girls to be socially engineered for their entire upbringing to expect that they would all have "careers" (wage-slave jobs) for their fulfillment. What happens instead, is that the work-world quickly loses it's lustre just after women prove themsleves in their 20's and then want to have a family and children. Suddenly all the old choices are gone and the brave new world they were steered into is not so enabling to a womanly lifestyle anymore. The feminist teaching instructs them to blame men, and hop onto more feminism as the solution for the problems that feminism caused in the first place.

    We can see that Western feminist based societies all have much lower happiness and family cohesion. The trade-off is a decade long extended party after graduating from high school. But the rest of life is completely disorganized, or rather ... left up to chance and luck that things work out with the right person(s). And that is well below the .50 mark.


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    I think I understand the sentiment. Feminism has contributed to what Emile Durkheim referred to as anomie, or the erosion of direction and moral standards. Just as with the industrial revolution, in which people were lost in society by losing their identity and purpose in a world that had been agricultural, feminism has caused much stress and negative impact by shattering everyone's sense of identity based on their sex and gender identity. There was a collective sense of what being a boy meant and what being a girl meant that feminism has taken down. The side effect of such things is anomie, which does indeed lead to profound unhappiness.

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