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Why is my jvc lt-43c870 completely locked and not turning on?

Don’t give me BS about using a remote because it doesn’t work, my TV is unresponsive to anything. Turning the cable off and on or using the remote simply doesn’t work. I know there is a way to undo this but I really need some help on how to do it, otherwise my TV is unoperational. However there is this tool which may help since I have no idea of the purpose

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  • 11 months ago

    Since you "know" there is a way to undo it,

    but you "need help", I have to wonder HOW you "know".

    Try taking it to a TV repair shop.

    Maybe someone there will be able to get it working.

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  • 11 months ago

    The power cable management tie has nothing to do with fixing your problem. To echo Jeffrey, it is really poor form to ask a question & then insult the forum by attaching conditions to the answers. JVC's tube TV's were quite good, but when it comes to flat panel HDTV's, they are below par. From your description, it sounds as though the TV has died, and the only remedy is replacement. For someone who knows so little about the subject, your arrogance is quite misplaced.

    • Mateusz11 months agoReport

      The TV is not dead, this has happened on several occasions with people messing with the TV. I gave conditions because after doing extensive research and trying out all these remote methods they did not work. Yes I know little but I literally just want to fix it, I’m not an expert I just need help

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    That 'tool' is a reusable cable tie that is used to keep the power cable tidy during the packaging process.

    • Mateusz11 months agoReport

      Thanks for letting me know :/ was hoping it would be useful

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