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Conservatives: Isn't Trump a disappointment, and frankly the lying has got to him?

How many times now has he lied, contradicted himself, or gone back on decisions he made (like pulling back from Syria). I think that he hasn't done much at this point except cut taxes for the rich. Trump had the opportunity to dramatically change American politics, but he didn't.

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    Well the good thing is, the jews are starting to piss him off.

    They done that to so many leaders, so many times in the past.

    There too stoopid to feel that critical boilin point buildin up and once Donny reaches that level ...cabooom! Anti semi sh** storm!

    But hey I got some good news!

    Yeah! Jew-joke!

    Brand new one!

    Chackhackh and Khachvackh jews (ayrabs), are walking downtown Chicago .

    Chackhach: Oy, Khachvach, we are rabbis, yes?

    Khachvach: Oy, yes!

    Chackhach: Oy, Do you know of any cosher tatoo artists?

    Khachvach: Oy, no! But what is on your mind?

    Chackhach: Oy, I want to detail my nipples and have a nice jew star drawn onto them.

    Khachvach: Oy, Chackhackh, but you are super hairy, no? a Monkey, like a jew shicksha, your shister Chackhackha!

    Chackhach: Oy, F* you beach!

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  • BMCR
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    1 year ago

    And yet, ironically, I'm guessing you are not OK with decisions he HASN'T gone back on either, e.g. moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

    Personally speaking, I never had high expectations for Trump so I don't view him as a "disappointment".

    (I'm also not American.)

    I will admit that I agree with a few things his administration has done.

    I also believe that while some (ok, many) things Trump does is way over the top, so is some of the opposition to him as well.

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  • 1 year ago

    Move your question to Ramadan site.

    I promise you huge support.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    obama care,...lie of the year award winner,...such double standards,...sigh

    • SMH Corp
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      1 year agoReport

      In 2013.

      In 2015, Lie of the Year was various statements made by Donald Trump.

      In 2017, Lie of the Year was Donald Trump's claim that Russian election interference was a "made up story".

      You don't care abo those because of your double standards. "Sigh".

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  • 1 year ago

    F trump

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