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Is this Jaw Misalignment severe enough for me to request for treatment from the NHS?

I am suffering from an issue in relation to my jaw, particularly in regards to the way in which it is positioned. The issue is that my jaw is incorrectly positioned in the sense that it is at an angle. This has caused other problems, which I will describe as effectively as I can.

For a start, my teeth do not meet correctly, and my bottom set is at an angle; this is visible when I clench my teeth as so, and it appears that chewing and talking causes pain, discomfort and soreness. Moving my jaw is also awkward, as it deviates to the left of my head upon opening and closing. Attempting to open it to a wide extend results in a sharp pain, head and neck muscles becoming tight and stiff. Also, my jaw ends up getting stuck when opened to an extremely wide extent, such as when I yawn, and when I close it, I sense bone scraping across one another.

When I succeed in closing my jaw, it becomes more sloped than before; this forces me to use my hand to apply pressure to my right jawline in an attempt to reorient my jaw, with limited success, especially since the jaw ends up sloping again. I am also having breathing and swallowing problems due to this issue, and I also grind my teeth at night as well. I received a night-guard for this, and I wake up with discomfort, headaches and pain if I do not wear it at times.

Anyway, is all of this enough to receive treatment for the problem on the NHS, or will I have to go private and pay for treatment?

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  • Pearl
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    i think it is

  • k w
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    1 year ago

    it's all due to our lack of proper nutrition, AND we're never told either, it's why we need dentists, they'll never admit it [ ]

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