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TV animation 60's vs. 90's?

Why was TV animation so Awful in the 60's but so great in the 90's?

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    I think the answer to that is Hanna Barbera.

    That is an animation company that produced a LOT of cartoons in the 60s and 70s and well into the 80s. They did their work on the cheap. Minimal budget, minimal time, minimal frames per second.

    They did produce a lot of stuff that is appreciated and loved to this day, like the Flintstones, Wacky Races, Scooby Doo, and the Smurfs. But along with that they made a lot of forgettable junk that was not high quality.

    The original Warner Brothers cartoons with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, back in the 40s, they set a VERY high standard, they were imacculately made cartoons full of sophisticated humor.

    For a few decades after that, many cartoons were cheap and disposable.

    In the 90s, there was a renewed appreciation for the artform, an understanding that cartoons were not simply disposable entertainment for children. There were now "adult" cartoons like the Simpsons, and avant-garde cartoons like Ren and Stimpy.

    The difference between cartoons from the 60s and from the 90s has a lot to do with how the artform of animation was received and appreciated at the time.

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    animation decline I saw first when clutch cargo first appeared,little movement but for clicking jaws,then fred flintstone,& clunk bump clunk only the legs move,cartoons in the 40s & 50s had a lot more frames drawn,I E production demands on animators, in WB,disney,techs & artists,they got unionized,bargaining rights,hence less artistry.

    animation used in mask,was artist drawn,then scanned & overlaid in the screen action among humans,electronics increased everything but the zany wacky quality of the WB cartoons in the 40s

    mask is the superb exception

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    make by drawing

    make by software

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    Frame rate

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    In America, it had always been awful animation I blame Hanna-Barbara. Hanna-Barbara has been the culprit of cheesy animation.The only really good animation in America at the time was Warner Bros and Disney but the cartoons were shady, sketchy, hidden political scenes, hidden sexual scenes, and sometimes scary as crap.

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    Technology advanced overtime

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    You can find better answers by doing some research than by asking here.

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    Progress, dude. Progress. That's like asking why cavemen used sticks and rocks as weapons instead of using machine guns and grenades. Because of progress. And because the technology wasn't around at the time.

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      What does technology have to do with animation from the 90's?
      From the mid 1930's to the late 1950's Animation had a higher budget because they were aired in theaters.
      There were some computers in the 90's but most shows were cel animated like they were in the Golden age.

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    Cartoons are always made with cost limitations. In the 60s, artists built the cartoons one frame at a time.

    The IBM PC and Apple desktop computers became popular from 1985 onwards, and much more powerful and affordable from about 1989 onwards with the introduction of Pentium processors. From then on, using computer generated animation was the way forward.

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    Money, technology also I think they outsourced it to be animated in Japan.

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