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My procrastination is taking me over and I don’t know how to fix it.. or maybe I do and I just procrastinate D:?

I’ve always put off school work and chores to do basically anything else possible. It’s second semester of my Jr. year in HS my most important one for college, yet I still procrastinate. I’ve missed over 2 weeks of school (not consecutively) because I just didn’t want to go. But I hate missing class because I’m missing important things. I’m at home missing first period right now, my parents aren’t home, and I’m contemplating if I should just stay home for the rest of the day knowing I’m going to get into trouble. I stayed home yesterday too. My family had gotten a letter about my truancies stating that if they continue then they’ll have to go to court. The reason I stay home is because I procrastinate so bad that I tell myself “I’ll do my work tonight” “I’ll do it early in the morning” “I’ll do it in class” and it never gets done until the last second or not at all. I stress about college all the time. I stress about my grades and check them multiple times a day, when I know that I didn’t put in the work. I take 4 AP classes and I’m busy every day w/after school things. I’ve tried putting electronics away, but since most classes aren’t using paper I have to use my laptop or phone and then I get distracted so easily. I tried using a pomodoro app and a website blocker for when I do my work and I deleted it. It’s not the internet I’m obsessed with, because if I didn’t have a computer then I’d just go to bed right after dinner and still not do my work. Or I’d doodle or something.

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    You need to write this down.

    Read it so you know what needs to be done.

    It will help you if you do it now.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Find something you like to do where you won’t procrastinate

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