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Why do the axial tilts of the planets in the solar system usually won’t go above 30 degrees(Uranus is mainly the very only exception)?

There are several types

1) Planets that nearly have no or very less axial tilts(between 0~5 degrees): Mercury, Venus(Venus just rotates in the reverse direction), Jupiter

2) Planets whose axial tiles are located in the range between 20~30 degrees :

Earth, Mars, Saturn, Neptune

3) Planets which are nearly titled on its side: Uranus

Except for the odd Uranus, there are basically only 2 different types

0~5 degrees for the axial tilts and 20~30 degrees for the axial tilts

There seems to be no other different kinds of degrees for the axial tiltis

But why?

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  • 1 year ago
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    Two planets and one dwarf planet have tilts over 90°, Uranus, Venus and Pluto.

    The reason why is conservation of angular momentum. Planets have to be impacted by bodies with enough mass at glancing angles to tilt or turn planets over. It takes multiple impacts to do that. The Solar System was similar to 3 dimensional pool or billiards game during the Late Period Bombardment.

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