Not my imagination. ??

I parted from my family after 11 years of being held down in munchuasen by proxy abuse torture . taking me last 24 years rto regain life and escape abusers and drs did not adress my abuse I did it alone. I walked out of it and not look back. I began to thrive got jobs and went up not down. when I cut it off moved and travel and began to have fun. one sister who was most aggressive search me via the mail. but id dnot care when I was a victim and being batter to death or care about their damage to me. I neve saw her and last time I did she toss me out of a car, in jamaica. I said then last time. and removed myself from them and began to have fun. when she show up at my door 700 miles away or more. call it thousand. I was having fun travel. healing and rising . ok. like this. I left it and 24 years of my life were about rising up and be a person again. they did not caree about the 11 years or repent. I kept going up and a lis tof winged monkeys toss at me my friend said were to do the work of family. in abuse.. ok 24 years of my life to learn to become a person from feral in torture. my family felt this was not important. dysfuncitnoal I was not. so the mission was then to get me back into them im sure she is the aggressor of control family. three years ago after 24 free years rising. a set up occur to perfectly reverse this. I began to beg for dr. to said sister put in my life and that murder was up. she play deaf and dumb in three years unable to understand. is she a fake?

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  • 2 years ago

    How can l help you?

    I know of the muchisen by proxy a little, but not

    enough for the present.

    Very best wishes


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  • 2 years ago

    You need to get rid of anyone who does you no good.

  • kate
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    2 years ago

    It is sometime necessary to cut people out of your life for your own sake. Some people are just plain toxic...even family members. Get some professional help to deal with your thoughts. In the meantime, I would not interact with anyone that is hurtful to you.

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